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TV App HackFest (Don’t Tell Me)

Last weekend 26th. and 27th. October,during the Transmedia Festival, there was the TV App HackFest.

This HackFest consisted in a 32 hours marathon where to build a TV App and then do an exposition/demonstration in front of the jury to option one of the prices.

I join Rhys Phil and Mahdi, two devs and one chemistry working in finance and we start thinking about what to do, we share our thoughts with other participants and then we decide to go for “Don’t tell me”.

DTM, is a browser extension for facebook done with that overlaps a banner over your friends comments that could be related with some content you haven’t already watched.

So with that easy idea and the demo we did the presentation and tachaaaan wi won. The prices were a a 40 inch SONY TV (difficult to share) and a Raspberry for each.

We’ll keep you informed about the next steps of DTM.



The "Don't Tell Me" Team

The “Don’t Tell Me” Team

DTM during the presentation
DTM during the presentation