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Menswear 60’s look

Today it’s time to talk about London classical fashion, I visited Adam of London shop the reference in London for the menswear 60’s look.
The shop is based at 11 Portobello Green Arcade 281 Portobello Road, London W10 5TZ, is a very comfortable place where you could find everything you need to dress up yourself with a modernist look.
They have suits, shirts, coats, shoes, ties and handkerchiefs. The shop soon will celebrate its 18th anniversary and it’s managed by  the Adam family by Shener, Richie (Shener’s son) and Jeremy (Shener’s nephew).

The brand always has been a reference in the modernist scene and they want to remain as that despite this their designs have the 60’s flavour but are consistent with the current trends. They have a broad online catalogue and the online sales represents the 20% of their business, where the star product is the shirt with an average price of £50. But when we talk about the shop sales the star product is the suit. The suits are stylish and you can find a broad range of colours and fabrics. And at last but not least they deal with Loake brand shoes.
If you have to go to London do not miss the experience of visiting the shop and if you can not take a look the online catalogue to have an idea their Adam’s look.

Keep the faith.

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European No-Gi Open 2012



The last October 21st. in the Crystal Palace in London took the European No-Gi Open. A good chance to watch very good grappling combats in London. For those who are not familiar with No-Gi, this is a sport that uses Brazilian JiuJitsu rules but with out the Gi. The Open was divided in categories in function of the weight and the experience based in the JiuJitsu belt. The combat starts with booth athletes stand up and the referee gives points in function of the executed technique (2:takedown,sweep or knee on the belly; 3: guard pass and 4: mount or back control) the combat stops after six minutes or if there’s a submission. Beter check this video posted by Sweepking  to have an idea.

Let me tell you that the day before the London International Open IBJJF Championship took place with very good results for the Roger Gracie Academy guys.

Congrats to all RGA competitors and also to Sagi,


 European No-Gi Open

European No-Gi Open

TV App HackFest (Don’t Tell Me)

Last weekend 26th. and 27th. October,during the Transmedia Festival, there was the TV App HackFest.

This HackFest consisted in a 32 hours marathon where to build a TV App and then do an exposition/demonstration in front of the jury to option one of the prices.

I join Rhys Phil and Mahdi, two devs and one chemistry working in finance and we start thinking about what to do, we share our thoughts with other participants and then we decide to go for “Don’t tell me”.

DTM, is a browser extension for facebook done with that overlaps a banner over your friends comments that could be related with some content you haven’t already watched.

So with that easy idea and the demo we did the presentation and tachaaaan wi won. The prices were a a 40 inch SONY TV (difficult to share) and a Raspberry for each.

We’ll keep you informed about the next steps of DTM.



The "Don't Tell Me" Team

The “Don’t Tell Me” Team

DTM during the presentation
DTM during the presentation

Hi London

Welcome to my personal Site. I’ve just moved to London this September and here I’ll share some of the amazing things are happening to me in this amazing city.