Albert’s Profile


I’m Albert a 34 years old Barcelonian living in London. I’m the common Barcelona guy I love the sea, my vespa, Barça, family, gilfriend, a good lunch, good wine, good talk and tech (I’m not sure if that’s common) so good life. But as everybody knows the last years in the mediterranean Europe the economics are not going so well and if you mix that with the fact that the last July I’ve just finished my MBA and I wanted a real international experience both points took me to London. Here in London I’ve found a very lively DTV sector with a lot of people full of energy and very opened to share experiences in  both ways. I’ve attended and participate in presentations, events trade-shows and a Hackathon I have to say how positively surprised I am about that dynamic and opened spirit that you can feel here in London and that and many other things are the ones I’ll share in this site.

Let’s rock,

Albert Escriche
Twitter:   @albescri
Skype:     albert.escriche
Mobile:    +44 (0) 7583 477 066

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